Alanis Broussard | Future Media Maven

 I want to be remembered for showing the connectivity of humanity’s truth through the power of significant communication and generational continuation. My legacy will be built upon my mission statement of fortifying a platform for others to stand upon.

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"My story is centered around discovering the essence of my soul and mastering the right tools to finally be able to speak myself into existence."

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Being one of the youngest key-note speakers to hundreds at the Atlanta World Congress Center, a quarter-finalist at a Harvard University international debate tournament, and being selected as a high school intern for ESSENCE Magazine, Alanis Renell Broussard (Laney) is a young woman who has an endless desire to advocate for avenues of change through the power of speech and communication with others across all walks of humanity. Featured on Good Morning America, USA Today, and CW Atlanta, she has taken the world by storm.

Reigning from the city of Atlanta, she constantly has a front row seat to the abilities of the black community, in particular, to evoke evolution of the media and entertainment industries. Because of this, her desire to contribute a fresh, youthful twist to the traditional standards of media has never ceased to exist. From building up her level of experience through holding numerous leadership roles in various extracurricular programs and organizations to always establishing her brand in every space digitally and physically, the platform that she earnestly desires to create for the current generation to obtain a pedestal for their voices to be uplifted is burgeoning every day.
























Alanis is best known for her persistent dedication towards her local school involvement, acceptance into the Communicative Arts Governor's Honors Program 2019 cohort, her ambassadorship for the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, alumni presence with People2People travels, being the residing Media Chair for the Harvard Debate Council Diversity Project, an alumna to the Disney Dreamers Academy, an ambassador for the Miss Media Program and National Calls Board, and for holding a multitude of connections with Atlanta media experts, such as Francesca Amiker on 11 Alive News, Rose Scott on WABE, and Maria Boynton on V103.

Greatly desiring to construct a stage for the youth to lift up their voices as well, she is also the founder of the public-speaking organization “Soul to Speak,” a series of public-speaking workshops that instruct students in grades K-12 on how to become confident speakers. Alanis firmly believes that through educating and instructing young people on how to effectively use the outlet of language as a means of enacting a greater change in their school life, family, and community amidst a world of negativity, students will be able to develop a safe space to speak upon subjects of importance in their own lives while still attempting to use their stories to impact others. In addition, Alanis is the host of a podcast, entitled “Soul to Spark,” where community leaders, such as Condace Pressley of WSBTV and Brian Hightower of CCSD, have been featured in order to ignite a spark of passion within young listeners.

Graduating at the top five of her senior class and as the National Honor Society President, her leadership from high school will continue on past the classroom. Noting post-secondary ambitions, Alanis earned a full-tuition leadership scholarship to Boston University through the Posse Foundation, where she will major in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Political Science.

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