• Alanis Broussard

Paying Tribute to Our Mentors

Along your journey, it is crucial to pay homage to the people who guided you along the way. Expressing gratitude for your blessing should always proceed the gratification of your successes. So, I of course have to thank a few people who have made me the person I am today.

It takes a village to raise a child. Growing up in a broken household and being raised by a single mother, the amount of truth that statement holds far exceeds what my mind can conceive of. The pedestals I have been able to lift my voice upon could only be realized with the support of the foundations created by my community leaders and mentors who came before me. In all honesty, every interaction I have held with someone, whether negative or positive, has contributed to my motivation to become the best version of myself.

However, the figures I attribute to significantly affecting me have entered through my gates of growth, consisting of my ears, mouth, and eyes.

For allowing me to hear my natural intuition and block out my inner voice of doubt, I have to give an immense amount of gratuitous praise to Ms. Alicia Jordan, the Digital Strategies Manager of Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta and the leader of the Miss Media Program. Because of her support, I was able to earn many of my first speaking engagements, know how to pick myself up when I fall, and learn that through hard work and resilience I can build up the talent I seek in myself.

For forcefully prying open my lips to reveal a voice I didn’t know I possessed, I give thanks to Ms. Kellye Britton and Mr. Brandon Fleming, my teachers and mentors at The Harvard Debate Council Diversity Project. Call after call and meeting after meeting, this dynamic duo instilled within me that complacency is not tolerated in spaces where greatness is expected.

For providing the foresight to envision the powerful woman I can become, I’m obligated to dedicate this article to the woman who has stood by me throughout the many blind spots and moments of clarity along my journey---my mother. Words fail to express the amount of love and appreciation I have for you. Thank you for all that you do.

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