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 Great endings need powerful beginnings.     

 Likewise, every great speaker needs an inspiring start.

The Soul to Speak Blog, "Soul to Stories," was created in order to function as a melting pot for the collective culmination of diverse viewpoints, perspectives, and professional experiences to thrive. Learning a craft is not solely about discovering a set of skills. It is also about discovering a sense of self. Soul to Speak believes that by sharing honest and genuine stories centered around navigating the art of public speaking, progressing speakers will be better equipped to navigate their own uniquely impacted lanes, as well.  

This is a place for transparency.

This is a place for development.

this is a place for Storytelling.

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From analyzing cultural implications on career choices to noting the disparities that exist for certain identities, this section will discuss how intersectionality within storytelling is essential to truly understanding positionality. Learn how to connect with yourself and your audience.

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What role to speakers play in influencing public opinion? How can the art of activism change politically tied narratives? This sections delves in deep to how modes of government, citizenship, and civil discourse can impact the landscape of today's current climate.

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Every soul is pieced together by a set of unique experiences. This section focuses on connecting parts of people's stories together in order to weave together an inspirational script that can guide future writers, speakers, and advocactors to one day putting their own pen to the paper.

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How do we actually receive compensation for doing what we love to do? What happens when a passion must turn into a career? By learning from professionals and experts in their respective fields, readers of this section can gain insight into how public speaking will help them at their desired job.



SHout out Atlanta

September 9, 2020

Hi Alanis, what do you want people to remember about you?

I have always said that my life is an ongoing story with my plot being edited by the experiences I hold and my chapters being added on by the year. Fresh out of high school, I could conceive of a false narrative that underlined my story, preaching that the amount of titles I held above each of my chapters equated to the overall entitlement I would feel. The lesson of learning how to intentionally take hold of the pen instead of letting what has been scripted by the world play out was never taught to me...